Our Story

We are Ken and Coral Pearce from Vancouver, BC, Canada. We spent 8 years in Calgary until August 2016 (on top of an earlier 2-year stint there). Also living in Calgary are our only son, daughter-in-law, and grandson—the reasons we stayed in that city for so long.

We were both raised in busy suburbs of Vancouver, and raised our son in a similar environment. A business opportunity took us to Calgary the first time, where our son stayed after finishing his post-secondary education. We returned to Vancouver to inner-city living on the water’s edge—a lifestyle we loved, and tried to replicate in Calgary when work took us back there 3 years later, but it was not easy to find in this sprawling, suburb-focused city.

Despite the strong family ties to Calgary and Vancouver, it was time to move on. We are two baby boomers who prefer to live a life less normal, and our life had become the opposite. For us, normal equals rut, and we needed to climb out.

This blog site captures our metamorphosis to a nomadic life and our Life: Phase Next experiences traveling and house sitting around the globe.

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  1. I wonder how many baby boomers will be following in our footsteps to travel. Endlessly, as the. Flip Flops take us (follow the nice weather) . Ill be following your blog. We joked about Airbnb renting out the dinette and sleeper couch in our travel trailer while we traveled for those wanting an RV experience. Best wishes to you.


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