We are Ken and Coral Pearce from Vancouver, BC, Canada. We spent 8 years in Calgary until August 2016 (on top of an earlier 2-year stint there). Also living in Calgary are our only son, daughter-in-law, and grandson—the reasons we stayed in that city for so long.

We were both raised in busy suburbs of Vancouver, and raised our son in a similar environment. A business opportunity took us to Calgary the first time, where our son stayed after finishing his post-secondary education. We returned to Vancouver to inner-city living on the water’s edge—a lifestyle we loved, and tried to replicate in Calgary when work took us back there 3 years later, but it was not easy to find in this sprawling, suburb-focused city.

Despite the strong family ties to Calgary and Vancouver, it was time to move on. We are two baby boomers who prefer to live a life less normal, and our life had become the opposite. For us, normal equals rut, and we needed to climb out.

This blog site captures our metamorphosis to a nomadic life and our Life: Phase Next experiences traveling and house sitting around the globe.