Money: The second 4 months

This post is a sequel to Money: The first 4 months. Please see the first post in order to understand the following information better. Here's what we spent for the second 4 months (120 days): Panama: Pedasi: 2 weeks (the first 2 weeks in Pedasi are captured in the previous 4-month period) Boquete: 1 month Nicaragua: Granada: 6... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Our last words

Life has been quite slow in and around this small mountain town. We didn’t have a long list of sites and attractions we felt we had to see, so we’ve just been meandering through the days, exploring here and there. This post captures some thoughts about the last few weeks in the Boquete area. Scenery... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Pipeline Trail hike day

In my last hiking post I wrote about the Pipeline Trail and wanting to return with Coral. We rented a car and with our new-found friends and followed the excellent driving instructions posted on the Boquete Travel Guide to the beginning of the 5km (return) hike. Boquete Travel Guide pointed out several points of interest in the... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Hikes

River valley Our current home in Panama is at the base of Volcan Baru, an active stratovolcano and the tallest mountain in Panama (3,475m or 11,401 ft). Below us is a river canyon with steep rocky walls covered in dense vegetation. All through our Panama trip, I have been quite enchanted by the rich flora and... Continue Reading →

Boquete: The first 10 days

We are now about 10km outside of Boquete, at the Boquete River Inn, where our view is across a ravine to the verdant slopes of Volcan Barú. When we wake up in the morning, the sun is just kissing the top of the volcano, the sky is clear, and the entire volcano presents itself to our... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: Our last words

Pedasí and the Azuero Peninsula are lush and beautiful. I'm sure our accommodation added to our enjoyment with colorful flowers and shade trees everywhere. We had critters to play with whenever we wanted some company. And the addition of an above-ground pool partway through our stay gave us a welcome refresher every afternoon. The ocean was... Continue Reading →

Money: The first 4 months

This post is different from our others. Since we've received so much value from others who have shared the nitty gritty details about their travel expenses, we thought we would return the favor to the travel universe. So, if you're just following us to keep tabs on where we are and what we're up to, you... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: Fishing trip

I really wanted to go fishing in this part of the world, but I didn't bring any equipment, thinking I could rent gear if I ever got the opportunity. While checking out our host's well-appointed woodwork shop here in Pedasí, I spotted his stock of fishing gear neatly lined up on a rack. Wayne and I started... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: Road trip

We finally rented a car in Pedasí so we could explore around the peninsula. At $69USD/day, it's not an inexpensive choice for getting around, but we were excited about the freedom that having our own car offered us. We made a quick stop at Playa Venao (we had already been there as part of our waterfall... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: New Year’s Day

What a refreshing way to spend New Year's Day in tropically hot Pedasí. Our hosts allowed us to tag along with them and their friends to a waterfall where they like to hang out. A howler monkey hung out in the trees directly above us the whole time we were there, only moving to scratch... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: 12 days (including Christmas)

Images in this post are mostly random (some just phone shots) and do not necessarily illustrate specific text. On the first day in Pedasí: Arrival Getting to Pedasí from Panama City by bus is fairly straightforward. We took an Uber to the Albrook bus terminal ($4.68), caught the next bus to Las Tablas ($9.70 each... Continue Reading →

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