Scotland: Glasgow

Our whirlwind tour of Scotland has come to an end after a week in Glasgow, where we enjoyed the luxury of our own private guide, Aileen. During our week, we enjoyed:

  • A bus tour of the city
  • Scottish country dancing classes
  • A visit to Loch Lomond
  • A couple of hikes (well, Ken and Aileen did, while I worked)
  • A tour of a brewery
  • A visit to the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies
  • A visit to the Riverside Museum

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Scotland: Clyde Falls, New Lanark

On one of Coral’s workdays, Aileen (see Scotland: Edinburgh), an avid rambler, offered to guide me on an adventurous walk. Her suggestion was a seven-mile route on the Clyde  River to see the Clyde Falls near New Lanark. About 45 minutes from where we are staying, the footpath meanders through a spectacular Scottish canyon cut in the limestone by the river. Continue reading “Scotland: Clyde Falls, New Lanark”

Scotland: Edinburgh

When we arrived in Edinburgh by train, the first thing we noticed when we peeked out the window while waiting to disembark was a Canadian flag. I could only see the hands holding up the flag, and assumed there were other Canadians on the train being met by a friendly Scot. But then Ken exclaimed, “It’s Aileen,” and I took another look. Sure enough, the only person we know in Scotland, and who we weren’t supposed to meet up with for another week and in another city, had taken the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh just to meet us when we arrived in Scotland. Continue reading “Scotland: Edinburgh”

On to Scotland

We are hurtling along northbound train tracks at 100mph, heading for Edinburgh, Scotland. We are on a Virgin Train, sitting in first class (see TripBits, below for details) enjoying comfortable, reserved seats, a large table with power, wifi, and food service, (snacks, hot and cold drinks, breakfast or lunch). We chose lunch, but were still offered croissants or toast and juice with our coffee. What a comfortable way to travel, and it didn’t hurt our budget at all. Continue reading “On to Scotland”

Huntingdon: One more day out

As we came to the end of our time in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, we took a quick car trip to Peterborough, about 30 minutes north. We weren’t disappointed.  The enormous St. Pete’s cathedral is right in the town center, allowing for a visit to this historic beauty along with a stroll around the large pedestrian plaza. We toured the cathedral, wandered about, and then grabbed a spot of lunch before returning to our menagerie. Continue reading “Huntingdon: One more day out”

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