Scotland: The Whiskey Trail

We weren’t really following The Whiskey Trail, but we did take some detours on our way from Aberdeen to Inverness so Ken could check out some of the many distilleries in the Speyside region. Since we much prefer to ramble on the smaller, side roads, it made for a very enjoyable day.

Traveling in November, hours of distilleries have been cut back and we found some were providing tours on specific days, or only a couple of times a day. So some visits were just to see the distillery, while others proved to be more fruitful for Ken.


It was a work day for me, but thanks to a very flexible arrangement, I was able to hang out at the Glen Moray distillery café (complete with WiFi) and work while Ken toured, and work again later in the comfortable Benromach distillery lounge.


Almost certainly, there will be more distillery visits in our future.


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  1. We’re paying extra attention to your posts from Scotland since we’re going to be there ourselves in June, starting in Edinburgh and covering the west coast and Skye. Dom says that Ken looks like a real Highlander with his wool cap and wee dram of the good stuff (I think he’s quite envious). Also looking forward to hearing about your Ireland adventures when you get there–we’re going to tour Dublin and western Ireland in June too.


    1. Do you purposely plan your trips when we are NOT there?? Just kidding, of course, but it would be awfully fun to cross paths once in a while. Sadly, we won’t get to Skye this time around, but we’ve covered a lot of ground. It is a beautiful part of the world.


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