Northland, North Island

We left Snells Beach and headed north to do a four-day circle of Northland, the northernmost region of New Zealand. Though we had planned on visiting several interesting and important stops, the journey between them was filled with oohs and aahs as we encountered breathtaking scenery at every turn. Our route (red circles are our... Continue Reading →

Snells Beach, North Island

We were incredibly lucky to have secured a house sit in the village of Snells Beach taking care of a beautiful new home and its gardens, and a gentle border collie named Pip. Sunrise in Snells BeachLooking out over Snells Beach to Kawau Bay A windy day in the baySailing, sailing Our first views of... Continue Reading →


We arrived quite late at night, so our Uber drive into the CBD (Central Business District) from the airport offered little in the way of orientation to the city. Since we had flown from Hawaii, our time change was only an hour (though we lost a day thanks to crossing the international date line) and,... Continue Reading →

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