Money: The first 4 months

This post is different from our others. Since we've received so much value from others who have shared the nitty gritty details about their travel expenses, we thought we would return the favor to the travel universe. So, if you're just following us to keep tabs on where we are and what we're up to, you... Continue Reading →

Medellín: So much to say

We have just finished a week in Medellín, Colombia, but we wish we had much more time in this city, and in the rest of the country. We tried to pack as much as we could into every day--our usual vacation style vs. the slow-travel approach of the last three months. And since we haven't posted... Continue Reading →

Guatape: Beyond Medellin

Everyone told us that if we had time for one out-trip, it should be to Guatape. There are many different tour options, but we found fantastic, simple transit instructions (The Backpack Diary) and were able to take ourselves on this trip for a fraction of the cost. Guatape is a village high in the mountains, on... Continue Reading →

Medellín: Downtown

To learn more about Medellin, we signed up for a 4-hour Free Walking Tour (our first, but definitely not our last). We met up with Mari, of Real City Tours, and 19 other tourists, at the Poblado metro station, a 10-minute walk from our accommodation. We purchased a metro ticket ($2,150 COP/~70 cents USD) and... Continue Reading →

Medellin: Trains, gondolas, escalators

The transit system in Medellín is a source of pride in the city, and with good reason. It has received awards for its innovation and impact on the lives of those it serves. Medellín is a city of more than three million people, and many of those live in houses-built-upon-houses, high into the mountains. With... Continue Reading →

Atacames: Tourist beach town

Atacames is a local-tourist beach town among several beach towns on the northern coast of Ecuador. Thanks to a tidal river, the main parts of town are divided with the beach and town sides of the river joined by bridges. We stayed on the beach (or playa) side at the Casa Chill Inn (aka Hostel Chill Inn,... Continue Reading →

San Alejo: Our last words

We spent 2 1/2 weeks in San Alejo, a small fishing village between San Clemente and San Jacinto. Here are a few final notes about this area. Medical care A week ago I had a small matter I needed medical assistance with. I contacted our travel medical insurance as required and then asked our accommodation... Continue Reading →

Coastal Ecuador: Transit day

Today we travelled up the coast of Ecuador approximately 293km on a trip that Google Maps says should take just under 5 hours. Here's how we did it (all prices are for two people): Taxi from San Alejo to San Vicente--30 minutes/35km, $20 Bus from San Vicente to Pedernales--2 hours/110km, $8 Moto taxi from where we... Continue Reading →

San Alejo: Foraging for food

At first, finding food can seem a bit challenging in San Alejo. The nearest SuperMaxi (large grocery chain) is a 45-minute bus ride away, there are no mercados in town, and the small tiendas that are here are often not open. Despite the challenges, we have managed quite nicely here--mostly cooking for ourselves, eating out here... Continue Reading →

Galapagos: Safari by sea

We hadn't specifically planned to go to the Galapagos Islands during this sojourn. We knew it would be much cheaper if we ever became Ecuador residents, and we were also planning to visit Isla de la Plata (Silver Island), aka the "poor man's Galapagos." On the other hand, here we were in Ecuador, for what... Continue Reading →

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