Today is the first day of our new life, and I am writing this while on a layover in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. From the next post on, we will be writing about where our adventure takes us, and not how we are preparing for it. But this post is not that. We became homeless on August 21, and... Continue Reading →


Most modern careers are enhanced with numerous multi-function communication devices. Mine was no different. Loaded with a BlackBerry, iPad, in-car wireless service, and computer, I had the ability to keep up to date with business news and communicate to anyone wherever cell reception would allow. I became extremely reliant on technology as I fed my... Continue Reading →

Ducks in a row

Getting ready to switch from a "normal" life to a nomadic one required us to think differently about a number of things we had taken for granted, and to set new systems in place. Below is a summary of our starting point. Whether these plans work out will be fodder for a future post. All... Continue Reading →

Homeless …

We have handed over the keys and are now "of no fixed address." We aren't truly homeless in that we still own a condo (see A slight detour) that we could potentially return to, but we have no plans to do so. Over the last few months we have freed ourselves from almost all of our possessions using... Continue Reading →

Hobbling through summer

I was really looking forward to summer. Summer in Calgary can be fun. Loads of sun, festivals, river rafting/paddling, cycling, and of course the stampede. We live inner city, so can get to most events and activities in under a 30-minute walk. And since I'm working remotely and flexibly, I anticipated lots of extra time with... Continue Reading →

A slight detour

Even before our journey begins, we have encountered a roadblock. Sadly, our plan to sell our condo failed, which wasn't a complete surprise in the current Calgary housing market. I am happy to report that we executed a successful detour and are back on what we hope will be mostly paved roads as we close in on our... Continue Reading →

So you’re moving to Ecuador?

My Committed! post provided only our starting point (Quito, Ecuador) and no further travel details. Not surprisingly, many have assumed that we are moving to Ecuador, which is not the case. Our plan, and I use that word loosely, is to be nomadic, in other words, to stay somewhere until we decide it's time to move on (within the constraints of tourist visas,... Continue Reading →

Home is where …

We reached a couple of home-themed milestones last week--both positive, but each with quite different emotional impact. First, our condo—the only property we still own—is now on the market. Though a significant checkpoint, it is  a bit anticlimactic since the housing market here is very sluggish, and signing the listing papers might be the most action our... Continue Reading →


No longer is Life Phase Next just a dream. This week I clicked the button that committed us to our first target location—Quito, Ecuador, arriving on September 6, 2016. We had been hoping to use some British Airways Avios points that had been building up since our big trip to Africa a few years back, but thought... Continue Reading →

Cookbooks: check!

Following up on the plans I wrote about in my last post, And now the real work begins, we have taken the first carload to Good Will, and sold the first few items on kijijii. The most time-consuming project, though, was eliminating all of our printed recipes and cookbooks. I had discarded lesser-used cookbooks and past issues... Continue Reading →

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