Most modern careers are enhanced with numerous multi-function communication devices. Mine was no different. Loaded with a BlackBerry, iPad, in-car wireless service, and computer, I had the ability to keep up to date with business news and communicate to anyone wherever cell reception would allow. I became extremely reliant on technology as I fed my “Fear of Missing Out” syndrome (FOMO – it’s a thing).

Handing in all assigned devices to my employer on my last day forced me to withdraw from the conveniences I had grown accustomed to. Spontaneous calls and random text messages that were such a part of my life disappeared.

Strangely, though, I felt as if a heavy weight was lifted and I was freed of the constant connections and 24/7 link with clients and colleagues. Any anxiety associated with losing these vices did not materialize. A new habit has emerged where I now sit with Coral face to face at a restaurant uninterrupted by my phone’s incessant beeps and vibrations (a habit which she wholeheartedly supports).

We are choosing to take some devices as we travel. We decided on a new unlocked phone for Coral and a cheap unlocked smartphone from Costco for me for our global travels. Until we leave I am learning to work only with wireless connections and third-party texting apps.

But wait! Just as I thought I was shedding myriad devices and breaking my addiction to their many conveniences, we packed up our bags and included the following:

  • Surface Book computer
  • iPad
  • Galaxy tablet
  • Acer cell phone
  • Samsung Galaxy cell phone
  • 2 Kobos
  • Chargers for all

Safety dictates we continue to be connected in case we are separated in strange lands. Coral’s work, managing finances, entertainment (reading, blogging, staying up to date with family and friends), and redundancy (so we don’t rely on just one device that could break down or disappear) means we are travelling with many devices and technology I thought we would be free of.


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  1. Ken & Coral,

    I wish you both a fabulous, adventurous and fun-filled time. I look forward to hearing about your travels.

    All the best,



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