House sit: We’ve chosen Metchosin

Most of our posts are focused on the locations we are visiting rather than on the details of our accommodation. We are now in the beautiful village of Metchosin, just outside of Victoria, British Columbia, but it is our accommodation that is the adventure, thus the focus of this missive. We are house sitting here.... Continue Reading →

Shelter Showdown

We're house- and cat-sitting in Calgary for a few weeks, next we'll be doing the same in Vancouver for a month, followed by a sit in August in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. And we're booking more house- and pet-sitting gigs for the next leg of our journey, across the pond. With the exception... Continue Reading →

Money: The second 4 months

This post is a sequel to Money: The first 4 months. Please see the first post in order to understand the following information better. Here's what we spent for the second 4 months (120 days): Panama: Pedasi: 2 weeks (the first 2 weeks in Pedasi are captured in the previous 4-month period) Boquete: 1 month Nicaragua: Granada: 6... Continue Reading →

Money: The first 4 months

This post is different from our others. Since we've received so much value from others who have shared the nitty gritty details about their travel expenses, we thought we would return the favor to the travel universe. So, if you're just following us to keep tabs on where we are and what we're up to, you... Continue Reading →

San Alejo: Our last words

We spent 2 1/2 weeks in San Alejo, a small fishing village between San Clemente and San Jacinto. Here are a few final notes about this area. Medical care A week ago I had a small matter I needed medical assistance with. I contacted our travel medical insurance as required and then asked our accommodation... Continue Reading →

Flight Hacking

Like most computer-savy, cost-conscious travelers in our demographic we typically hit our favorite online travel sites (Expedia, Red Tag, Google Flights, etc.) or airline sites for travel deals and to make our own travel arrangements. I have learned about a better way--what others refer to as flight hacking--for finding deals and booking flights. Using some... Continue Reading →


Most modern careers are enhanced with numerous multi-function communication devices. Mine was no different. Loaded with a BlackBerry, iPad, in-car wireless service, and computer, I had the ability to keep up to date with business news and communicate to anyone wherever cell reception would allow. I became extremely reliant on technology as I fed my... Continue Reading →

Home is where …

We reached a couple of home-themed milestones last week--both positive, but each with quite different emotional impact. First, our condo—the only property we still own—is now on the market. Though a significant checkpoint, it is  a bit anticlimactic since the housing market here is very sluggish, and signing the listing papers might be the most action our... Continue Reading →

Marly’s lessons

I'm not very good at small talk, and getting to know new people is a challenge for me. I can manage, but I always feel a bit awkward. (Luckily, Ken is completely the opposite and can strike up an easy conversation with just about anybody.) I realize that becoming nomadic, or even semi-nomadic, will necessitate... Continue Reading →

Now what?

Life has a way of throwing pie in your face. Sometimes it stings, sometimes it introduces you to a yummy new taste to savor, and sometimes it does both. At the beginning of October 2015, we were just beginning the 10-month planning stage of what was to be our triumphant leap out of the full-time workforce and into Phase... Continue Reading →

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