Costa Rica: Just a week

We hadn’t planned to visit Costa Rica on this leg of our journey as we had toured the country about 13 years ago. But, we had about a week to spare between our Granada house sit and our planned return to Canada. When Ken found a great price to fly out of Liberia, Costa Rica, we decided to head south (travel info below in TripBits). Since we hadn’t visited the northern part of Costa Rica before, why not?

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Granada: Our last words


For the first 5 weeks we lived in Granada, we stayed about 4 km outside of the main downtown area. After touring Nicaragua with our visiting family, we spent our final 9 Granada days right in the center of town: one night at an AirBnB and then the rest of the time house and pet sitting. Our house sit home was lovely, with an open air kitchen and dining area, two balconies, two ensuite bedrooms, and another half bathroom. The funny thing with colonial style homes in places like Granada is that you never know what you’ll find behind very unassuming front entrances. Continue reading “Granada: Our last words”

Boquete: Our last words

Life has been quite slow in and around this small mountain town. We didn’t have a long list of sites and attractions we felt we had to see, so we’ve just been meandering through the days, exploring here and there. This post captures some thoughts about the last few weeks in the Boquete area.


This area is made up of hills and valleys, carpeted in greenery including the ubiquitous coffee plantations, and liberally sprinkled with flowers. There are creeks criss-crossing the town, and waterfalls splashing down the hillsides.

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Boquete: Hikes

River valley

Our current home in Panama is at the base of Volcan Baru, an active stratovolcano and the tallest mountain in Panama (3,475m or 11,401 ft). Below us is a river canyon with steep rocky walls covered in dense vegetation. All through our Panama trip, I have been quite enchanted by the rich flora and I am equally caught by the vegetation that surrounds us here. We were told of hiking trails that lead through this forest to the river in the bottom of the canyon and beyond. I had to check it out.


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