Money: The second 4 months

This post is a sequel to Money: The first 4 months. Please see the first post in order to understand the following information better. Here's what we spent for the second 4 months (120 days): Panama: Pedasi: 2 weeks (the first 2 weeks in Pedasi are captured in the previous 4-month period) Boquete: 1 month Nicaragua: Granada: 6... Continue Reading →

Costa Rica: Just a week

We hadn’t planned to visit Costa Rica on this leg of our journey as we had toured the country about 13 years ago. But, we had about a week to spare between our Granada house sit and our planned return to Canada. When Ken found a great price to fly out of Liberia, Costa Rica, we decided to... Continue Reading →

Granada: Our last words

Accommodations For the first 5 weeks we lived in Granada, we stayed about 4 km outside of the main downtown area. After touring Nicaragua with our visiting family, we spent our final 9 Granada days right in the center of town: one night at an AirBnB and then the rest of the time house and pet sitting.... Continue Reading →

Nicaragua: The family plan

We had the great fortune to have our family visit us in Nicaragua for 11 days: son Kyle, daughter-in-law Candice, and grandson Alex (4 1/2). Our challenge was to create an itinerary that allowed for some activity, included local culture, was suitable for a child, wasn't boring but also didn't try to pack too much... Continue Reading →

Léon: A night and a day

We took a short two-night side trip to Léon, Nicaragua, this week. We were just going to go for one night since I had 2 days free of work, but I squeezed in another night by leaving work a little early on Monday. Ken was already in Managua at the dentist (subject of a future... Continue Reading →

Ometepe: Island holiday

This week, we took a 3-day, 2-night holiday to Isla Ometepe. Though most people get onto and around Ometepe without a car, we rented a little car from our host in Granada. On the island, taxi fares can be $25 or $30 to get from the ferry dock to accommodation. We could have made the... Continue Reading →

Granada: Las Isletas

What a beautiful day! We wanted to explore Las Isletas, the 365 islands in the lake right in Granada, using a different mode of transport than kayaks (which we are saving to do when la familia visits us in a couple of weeks (so excited about that!!).We found out about a party-style boat that plies... Continue Reading →

Granada: Our first week

We are now in Granada, Nicaragua, staying a few kilometres out of town in an open-air casita. Besides our casita, on the property are a tiny studio suite, the main house where our host family of five live, and a pool for all to share. We are surrounded by vegetation including coconut palms and giant royal... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Our last words

Life has been quite slow in and around this small mountain town. We didn’t have a long list of sites and attractions we felt we had to see, so we’ve just been meandering through the days, exploring here and there. This post captures some thoughts about the last few weeks in the Boquete area. Scenery... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Pipeline Trail hike day

In my last hiking post I wrote about the Pipeline Trail and wanting to return with Coral. We rented a car and with our new-found friends and followed the excellent driving instructions posted on the Boquete Travel Guide to the beginning of the 5km (return) hike. Boquete Travel Guide pointed out several points of interest in the... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Hikes

River valley Our current home in Panama is at the base of Volcan Baru, an active stratovolcano and the tallest mountain in Panama (3,475m or 11,401 ft). Below us is a river canyon with steep rocky walls covered in dense vegetation. All through our Panama trip, I have been quite enchanted by the rich flora and... Continue Reading →

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