Boquete: The first 10 days

We are now about 10km outside of Boquete, at the Boquete River Inn, where our view is across a ravine to the verdant slopes of Volcan Barú. When we wake up in the morning, the sun is just kissing the top of the volcano, the sky is clear, and the entire volcano presents itself to our admiring gaze. Through the day, the clouds build, partially or fully obscuring the peak, but leaving exposed the forest below.

The view from our cabin

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Money: The first 4 months

This post is different from our others. Since we’ve received so much value from others who have shared the nitty gritty details about their travel expenses, we thought we would return the favor to the travel universe. So, if you’re just following us to keep tabs on where we are and what we’re up to, you can probably skip this one. If you’re travelling, or planning to be, and looking for another perspective on the cost of travelling in Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama, then read on.

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Pedasí: Fishing trip

I really wanted to go fishing in this part of the world, but I didn’t bring any equipment, thinking I could rent gear if I ever got the opportunity.

While checking out our host’s well-appointed woodwork shop here in Pedasí, I spotted his stock of fishing gear neatly lined up on a rack. Wayne and I started talking about fishing in our homes on both coasts of the North American continent, which led to a conversation about fishing here in Panama. Wayne mentioned that he hadn’t been fishing for a while. It didn’t take long before we’d planned a day out, with Wayne generously sharing his equipment.

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Panama City: El Congrejo & Casco Viejo

We are staying in a neighborhood called El Congrejo in an all-suites hotel (Hotel Coral Suites). This was not the plan–our AirBnb for Panama City (loft apartment with rooftop pool and view of the ocean!) was cancelled on us about 9 days before our arrival here as it was sold. Surprise! A mad scramble found us this hotel–it’s roomy, has a full-but-tiny kitchen, includes breakfast, and gets cleaned every day. More than we had planned to pay, but still fairly economical, so it has worked out. Ken found this amusing Huffington Post article about the area we are living in (same neighbourhood as our planned AirBnB).

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