Pedasí: Fishing trip

I really wanted to go fishing in this part of the world, but I didn’t bring any equipment, thinking I could rent gear if I ever got the opportunity.

While checking out our host’s well-appointed woodwork shop here in Pedasí, I spotted his stock of fishing gear neatly lined up on a rack. Wayne and I started talking about fishing in our homes on both coasts of the North American continent, which led to a conversation about fishing here in Panama. Wayne mentioned that he hadn’t been fishing for a while. It didn’t take long before we’d planned a day out, with Wayne generously sharing his equipment.

Wayne arranged for a boat and captain to take us to some great fishing holes. At 5:00 a.m., we left for the one-hour drive that took us to the back side of Isla Cañas on the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, where we met with our guide and boat for the day. Just as the sky was getting light, we were on the water and speeding through channels and rivers dense with huge mangroves.


Fishing in any part of the world requires patience and perseverance and after a couple of snags and tangled reels we were rewarded with several catches–mostly corvina, a small grouper, and a decent-sized red snapper.


At one point, our guide nudged the boat onto a beach and stepped out for what I thought was a pee break, but he returned with three nice-sized sandias (watermelon).  With his ever-present sharp machete, we enjoyed the freshest, sweetest sandia to round out an amazing day.



  • Cost for the trip, which we split, was $80 for the boat and captain, $50 for gas and oil, and $10 for tip. Total $140, so my part was $70.
  • Captain Jairo was terrific and recommended if you speak Spanish. You can reach him at 6688-8377.

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