Pedasí: Road trip

We finally rented a car in Pedasí so we could explore around the peninsula. At $69USD/day, it’s not an inexpensive choice for getting around, but we were excited about the freedom that having our own car offered us.

We made a quick stop at Playa Venao (we had already been there as part of our waterfall outing). Traffic was pretty light.


We had lunch in Guánico, near Tonosí, at a cantina on the water (thank you to our AirBnB host, Wayne, for this recommendation!). It’s a lovely drive down to the water from the highway, and worth the trip. All of the log posts holding up the huge wooden roof of the eating area are decorated with carvings.


Our whole route was scenic and lush …

Milk jugs were a common sighting


… with only minor risks along the way.

Danger: Cattle crossing

According to our Google timeline, we travelled for 6 hours and 18 minutes, and covered 229km.


According to us, we had a great day!

IMG_20170104_145803844 (1).jpg


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