Pedasí: New Year’s Day

What a refreshing way to spend New Year’s Day in tropically hot Pedasí. Our hosts allowed us to tag along with them and their friends to a waterfall where they like to hang out. A howler monkey hung out in the trees directly above us the whole time we were there, only moving to scratch himself occasionally.


After a couple hours of splashing about, we dried off, hiked back, and dropped in at Selina hostel beach bar in Playa Venao for a margarita and a nibble. The frozen margarita was delicious, but oddly expensive for a surfer hostel – $7, which is twice the price that we paid the night before at Tortuga’s. The food seemed reasonably priced, there was quite a wide selection, and everyone seemed to enjoy their choices.


Access the waterfall from Eco Venao. Drive from Pedasí toward Playa Venao, and a little ways past. Turn right into the Eco Venao property, and drive up the hill and park beside the open air bar/restaurant. The cascada access is off the parking area to the right. There is a washroom in the bar that you are welcome to use.

The drive is about 30 minutes, and the hike about 20 or so. It’s a bit up and down, and you need to cross over a couple of creeks that aren’t easy to cross without getting your feet wet. Sport sandals work well. Bring water, towels, and snacks, but don’t leave your food out. The ants made short work of the brie and baguette snack brought by a few in our group.

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  1. Thanks, for sharing your incredible journey with us! Wonderful pics and info. Happy New Year! And thanks so much for sending Mom her card!


    1. Happy New Year to you as well. So glad she got it. We were hoping to be able to tell her we were going to visit in May, as we tried for a house sit there, but we missed it by that much. Oh well, next time. And nothing stopping us from going there on our own anyway. We’ll have to make that plan.


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