Costa Rica: Just a week

We hadn’t planned to visit Costa Rica on this leg of our journey as we had toured the country about 13 years ago. But, we had about a week to spare between our Granada house sit and our planned return to Canada. When Ken found a great price to fly out of Liberia, Costa Rica, we decided to head south (travel info below in TripBits). Since we hadn’t visited the northern part of Costa Rica before, why not?

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Atacames: Our last words

Beach fun

We solved our beach challenges (see Atacames: Tourist beach town) in two ways:

  1. We hopped a 10-minute, 30-cent bus to a Súa, a sleepy fishing village with a lovely, quiet bay that is protected from the waves and perfect for swimming. There is a malecón wall at the top of the beach, and from the beach side, it is carved out, providing a safe place to stash our stuff, unseeable by passers by. The water was warm and we had the beach almost to ourselves.
  2. In Atacames, we tried the rent-a-chair option ($4 for two, though they tried to charge $5) and enjoyed a few hours of splashing in the waves with our towels, flip flops, and even our kobos still there on our return.

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