West Coast: The first time, again

What a summer we have had, and continue to have. We are still living nomadically, even though we are meandering in places that are somewhat familiar to us. In many cases, we’re staying in communities or areas longer than we have before, which gives us the opportunity to explore them in new ways. Adventures we’ve already written about:

Here are a few highlights of other places and activities that haven’t made it into their own post. Continue reading “West Coast: The first time, again”

Victoria: A Boxer and a Poodle

We were very fortunate to be be chosen as house and pet sitters for a home in the Highlands area of Greater Victoria. All around us are public and private lakes and thick, West Coast forest full of walking trails and many surprises along the way. Large Douglas Firs, Arbutus, and Cedars create a canopy for the salal, ferns, moss and ground cover plants that are ubiquitous in this part of the world.  Continue reading “Victoria: A Boxer and a Poodle”

Vancouver: Feels like home

Vancouver is where we say we are from, though we haven’t lived in the city for almost a decade. We were both born and raised in suburbs, and owned homes and raised our own family on the outskirts of town. For our last three years in the area, we lived right in the city looking over False Creek, and we adored the lifestyle this gave us. Whenever we’re in Vancouver, we walk or ride our bikes on one of the many seawalls and stop on the beach or at a seaside cafe, and reminisce about our old life. Continue reading “Vancouver: Feels like home”

House sit: Calgary (Flannel)

We left Calgary last August after an 8-year stay. We frequently met up with comments like “you’re back” as we met up with friends and attended appointments here, but as far as we are concerned, being in Calgary is just part of our nomadic life. For the first few weeks we were in town, we stayed with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, and for the last 3 1/2 weeks, we house- and pet-sat in a near-to-everything residential neighbourhood. Continue reading “House sit: Calgary (Flannel)”

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