Querétaro: The rest of the week

As well as being a beautiful colonial city, Querétaro was a city of surprises for us. Every time we walked through Jardin Zinea we were delighted by something new. We already mentioned the street food festival we happened upon. We returned the next night and found that, in addition to the food festival still set... Continue Reading →

Mexico City: Final 3 days (for now)

The last half of our week in Mexico City was, thankfully, a little slower paced. Though we walked our tushes off exploring neighbourhoods and parks. First up was Condesa, the neighbourhood next to ours (Roma Norte). There is a bit of a blurry line between Roma Norte and Condesa, and the two are often referred... Continue Reading →

Mexico City: The first four days

Day 1: Arrival After a 5:30 am arrival time, we had expected to drag our luggage through the streets for several hours waiting for our apartment to be ready for check-in, but our kind AirBnB host made the apartment available to us by 6:00 am. We thought we might need to wait at the airport... Continue Reading →

Off to México

The time has come for another adventure, and México is calling. We have been house sitting (a third-time-repeat sit) in Oliver, BC, the self-proclaimed Wine Capital of Canada. After our driving tour of Utah, we were looking forward to staying put and sorting out our travel plans for the next many months. And, other than... Continue Reading →

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