Road Trip 2022

We’re back on a road adventure, this time with our sights set on the New England region of the USA for the fall colours. It’s an area that we’ve never been to and a trip that we didn’t want to do without a lot of available time given the thousands (and more thousands) of kilometres of driving. This year, our travel plans left us with a gap in Canada at a perfect time to head out in Artie and experience the delights of the end of summer and early fall in North America.

Though constantly changing, this is sort of what our trip will look like.

We’re heading from Vancouver, east through Canada with a stop in Calgary for several days, quickly through the prairies, and then we’ll slow things down and meander the northern part of the eastern seaboard. The westward route is completely unplanned at this point, and now includes an Artie service stop in Pennsylvania and a one-day trip back into Calgary. We’ll finish with a family gathering in Washington before heading north to Vancouver to put Artie to bed for the winter.

Please drop us a note!

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