Calgary Urban Murals

Though we have appreciated street art around the world, we were unaware of the BUMP (Beltline Urban Murals Project) and the growing collection of murals in inner-city Calgary.

2020 was the fourth year for the BUMP Festival, which took place in the month of August. The festival included the painting of new murals as well as music, tours, and other activities in the area.

With the 20 2020 murals, BUMP has added over 50 giant art pieces to a roughly 8 by 14 block rectangle. An interactive map showing the location of past years’ and this year’s murals is available on BUMP’s home page. We created our own map for just the 2020 murals and enjoyed a pleasant evening bike ride to view them.

It was a special treat to catch the festival in progress, with some of the murals still being worked on. Though the artists were busy trying to complete their massive projects, each one we encountered willingly chatted with us about their work, which made the experience even more meaningful.

Next time we’re back in Calgary, we’ll have to check out the older murals since I’m sure there are many we have yet to run across in our meanderings.

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