Penang: Social life

We took a ferry from the Kuah port in Langkawi. The port is watched over by an enormous eagle, and the terminal is very modern and large. We wandered through a few huge and empty halls (except for unused security equipment) before arriving at our waiting area. Boarding our ferry About 3 hours after leaving... Continue Reading →

How we spent our summer vacation

It's odd to think of people who are living nomadically taking a vacation. Despite the title of this post, we don't think of it that way ourselves. But when we return to the familiar--our hometowns replete with family and friends--it feels a bit like a vacation. Though we posted about our comings and goings in... Continue Reading →

Vancouver: Feels like home

Vancouver is where we say we are from, though we haven't lived in the city for almost a decade. We were both born and raised in suburbs, and owned homes and raised our own family on the outskirts of town. For our last three years in the area, we lived right in the city looking... Continue Reading →

Canada: Winter or spring?

In the last couple of weeks we have traveled from Costa Rica to Vancouver, dipped down into Washington State, and then driven through the Rocky Mountains to Calgary, Alberta, where we are now. We have transitioned from 8 months of summer weather in South and Central America to the rain/sun/breezes and glorious colors of a Vancouver spring, rain/sun/fog... Continue Reading →

Boquete: Pipeline Trail hike day

In my last hiking post I wrote about the Pipeline Trail and wanting to return with Coral. We rented a car and with our new-found friends and followed the excellent driving instructions posted on the Boquete Travel Guide to the beginning of the 5km (return) hike. Boquete Travel Guide pointed out several points of interest in the... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: New Year’s Day

What a refreshing way to spend New Year's Day in tropically hot Pedasí. Our hosts allowed us to tag along with them and their friends to a waterfall where they like to hang out. A howler monkey hung out in the trees directly above us the whole time we were there, only moving to scratch... Continue Reading →

Marly’s lessons

I'm not very good at small talk, and getting to know new people is a challenge for me. I can manage, but I always feel a bit awkward. (Luckily, Ken is completely the opposite and can strike up an easy conversation with just about anybody.) I realize that becoming nomadic, or even semi-nomadic, will necessitate... Continue Reading →

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