Canada: Winter or spring?

In the last couple of weeks we have traveled from Costa Rica to Vancouver, dipped down into Washington State, and then driven through the Rocky Mountains to Calgary, Alberta, where we are now.


We have transitioned from 8 months of summer weather in South and Central America to the rain/sun/breezes and glorious colors of a Vancouver spring, rain/sun/fog and lushness of a rainforest in Millersylvania State Park in the Pacific Northwest, the shock of arriving to snow in Calgary, and now mixed sun/cloud and (relative) warmth with summer temperatures expected within a couple of days.

Our bodies are so confused, and our wardrobe of shorts and T-shirts woefully inadequate. We made our one pair of jeans do in Vancouver and Millersylvania by borrowing a warmer jacket each, layering, and drying dew-soaked runners when the sun came out.


A warm car got us through the Rockies, and then a quick stop at our locker to grab more jeans, socks, shoes, and jackets has kept us comfortable here in Calgary.


In all of these locations, our hearts have been warmed by visits with family and friends (mother, sisters and even a couple of friend connections in our few days in Vancouver; a huge and wonderful family weekend gathering in Millersylvania; and son, daughter-in-law, and grandson in Calgary so far).

Photo credit: Tracy Jensen

We’re looking forward to the warmer weather, lots of bike rides along the pathways and family fun by the river over the next six weeks while we are in Calgary visiting and house/pet sitting.


We have booked a return to Vancouver for a month-long house/pet sit (mid-June to mid-July) in one of our favourite areas near Granville Island, followed by 10 days for a house/pet sit in the Okanagan (mmm, wine country!) in August.

And sometime soon we will figure out where we are going after that!

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  1. Welcome back to Canada. We relate. to that shocking weather change, its the coldest return we have ever had. Today was a bit warmer and the clean up of the yard, ease troughs and gardens has begun. We have also started a little home Reno. Not much work so far, but I understand that will change soon. I booked a ticket to Australia the end of June and into July. New baby and christening happening there. Wonderful to hear from you. Keep in touch.

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    1. Love Australia. (Don’t love renos.) I’d forgotten you were going down under. At least winter in Australia won’t be as cold as winter in Northern Alberta!

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