Boquete: Pipeline Trail hike day

In my last hiking post I wrote about the Pipeline Trail and wanting to return with Coral. We rented a car and with our new-found friends and followed the excellent driving instructions posted on the Boquete Travel Guide to the beginning of the 5km (return) hike.


Boquete Travel Guide pointed out several points of interest in the Bajo Mono area, on the way to the trail:

  • An extraordinary rock formation  and rock climbing place
  • Lost Castle, an unfinished expat mansion being taken over by the vegetation
  • San Ramon waterfall right on the side of the road

The trail itself did not disappoint with its lush flora and well-marked pathway.  There is a hidden waterfall at the end of the trail but now, at the beginning of the dry season, there is not much water coming down.

We ended the day with margaritas and a very late lunch at Mike’s Global Grill.


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