So you’re moving to Ecuador?

My Committed! post provided only our starting point (Quito, Ecuador) and no further travel details. Not surprisingly, many have assumed that we are moving to Ecuador, which is not the case. Our plan, and I use that word loosely, is to be nomadic, in other words, to stay somewhere until we decide it’s time to move on (within the constraints of tourist visas, of course).

We have a rough path that we will follow as we wander for, perhaps, 6 to 12 months. Absolutely everything on this map, including the timeline mentioned, is subject to change as we research more, talk to people along the way, experience each location first-hand, and respond to family members’ life events. There will be many more stops than are shown. This is a slow-travel adventure, a life on the road, not a finite vacation.

Possible path: Ecuador to Nicaragua

This is as far into the future as we have bothered to peer. Will we head back to Canada for a visit? Take in more of South America since we are only touching on one tiny part of this expansive continent? Traverse the oceans to begin another adventure? Or decide that wandering is not a life for us and re-establish roots somewhere? Who knows? We certainly don’t!

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