Finally, we are off again

The world is certainly not healthy yet, but we’ve decided it’s time to expand our nomadic borders from the two provinces in Canada that we’ve been pinballing around in for the last two years. On Monday, May 2, 2022, we board our first plane since being recalled from New Zealand in March 2020, and off we go to Europe.

We purchased a round-trip ticket so we know when and where this trip will end–unusual for us. We’ll spend just over three months in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, with a jump over to England to ensure we keep our time in the Schengen region to under 90 days.

Map of Europe 2022 trip created in Travellerspoint.
Many details and day trips will be added, but this provides a fair overview of our three-month plan

This little circle of Western Europe is not what we intended to do on our first foray back into nomadic life. But with a son, daughter-in-law and grandson now living overseas in The Hague, Netherlands, building an itinerary around seeing them and their part of the world just made sense. Instead of our travels taking us away from family, our travels will take us to see family. The best of both worlds!

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