Dublin: Day Trip to Belfast

It hadn't occurred to us that we could visit Northern Ireland while we were in Dublin. Without evaluating our options, and with heads filled with outdated media soundbites of violence and strife,  I think we had unconsciously assumed that Ireland (south of the border), was the only part of the island that was legitimately open... Continue Reading →

Waterford: First impressions

We are house- and pet-sitting in the oldest city in Ireland--Waterford. Our home for a short time is about 8km out of the center of town, and comes complete with 2 dogs, a cat, chickens, and ducks. Though it sounds like a busy household, it is actually very serene. We flew into Dublin from Scotland,... Continue Reading →

What’s next: UK and Europe

We have had a wonderful summer, bopping around British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, and Washington in the USA. But we are really looking forward to the next leg of our nomadic life, this time overseas. So far, we have booked house sits in the following locations: Melksham, England (5 weeks) Huntingdon, England (2 weeks)... Continue Reading →

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