Quito: El Centro Histórico

We are staying in El Centro Norte, Quito’s modern downtown. South of us is a completely different version of Quito–it’s historical downtown called El Centro Histórico.

A UNESCO world heritage site, Quito’s old town is narrow hilly streets lined with pastel coloured buildings, and plazas bordered with churches, palaces, museums and theatres.

Plaza de la Indepencia

A few days ago after Spanish classes, we found our way to old town on the Trolebus, one of three north-south transit lines (the city is long and narrow), for which we paid 25 cents. We wandered the streets and plazas for about an hour until we were caught in a rainstorm and dove into a cafe to wait it out. It didn’t look like the evening was going to be much dryer, so we made a mad dash for a station and caught a ride back toward home. A kind young woman overheard us trying to figure out stations and in English offered her help. Thanks to two stations being closed for repairs we had quite a walk home, something we wouldn’t have known had she not spoken up.

Today, Saturday, with a much nicer weather forecast, we again headed into El Centro Historico, this time taking the Ecovia (another one of the three north-south transit lines, and also 25 cents a ride). We hopped off at the Alameda station, where Parque Alameda divides the old and new towns. From there we walked about 1km uphill to the La Basílica del Voto Nacional.

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We took a long careful walk downhill to Plaza de la Independencia, and then wended our way through the streets until we were exhausted and hungry. Another $2.50 almuerzo re-energized us enough to find a Trolebus station and head north for home.

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There is still so much to see and do in El Centro Histórico, we will definitely be back for more.

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  1. Ken/Coral, I just finished my 4th week of staycation with no rain, so I finally got things done on my yard. As Ken knows I only have a work computor so I had lots of your adventures to go through when I got back to work. Like others I’m enjoying following you through “Life: Phase Next”. Becouse of this I have decided to take a crack at learning Spanish, time will tell how this works out. I look forward to following your travels. Ken be sure to carry Coral’s books from school.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blair,
      Good to hear from you. What a great comment! Thanks for letting us know. Nice to know you are able to enjoy the postings. 4 weeks sounds like a great way to relax and forget about all the work stuff.

      I will be sending you an email with a local pic to share with the group if you would.



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