Victoria: A Boxer and a Poodle

We were very fortunate to be be chosen as house and pet sitters for a home in the Highlands area of Greater Victoria. All around us are public and private lakes and thick, West Coast forest full of walking trails and many surprises along the way. Large Douglas Firs, Arbutus, and Cedars create a canopy for the salal, ferns, moss and ground cover plants that are ubiquitous in this part of the world. 

IMG_20170713_171135101_HDR.jpgWe are taking care of two canines: a toy poodle (Jazmin, or Jaz) and a large boxer (Rocket, or Rock). Jaz and Rocket are best of friends, following each other around the house and yard and travelling as a pair wherever they go. They are both well trained, and respond to sit, wait and heal commands, making walking them a joy. They know to wait to get leashed up as they approach the busy one-lane road at the bottom of the driveway.


I have been especially lucky to take our current charges on long walks on some of the plentiful and beautiful pathways crisscrossing the surrounding forest. They are great company and provide endless entertainment bouncing in and out of the bushes, chasing ghost squirrels and other phantom (and sometimes real) critters.


This home in the woods is a beautiful, relaxing retreat, with decks surrounding the house,

IMG_20170712_184926613_HDR.jpgregular and frequent visits by hummingbirds,


and even a private lake where we can relax or paddle about.


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  1. the puppies are beautiful as is the scenery!! looks like you are very happy!!
    Alex is here and sends you this message “I miss you and I love you!” I brought him home for this four days off that I have. He seems to have grown!!! Enjoy the coast be safe!

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