Melksham: Waterways, cathedrals, and horses

Another week, another batch of beautiful and historic sites.


We took our Melksham neighbour’s advice, and drove to the Brislington park and ride where we picked up a double-decker bus (they are all double-decker buses) for the ride into town.


The drive and bus ride were so exhausting, we had to stop for a beer and to plan the next few hours.


We ended up just walking for several kilometres around the waterfront, taking in the mix of old and new architecture, the colours, and soaking up the vibe of the city.




Back on the bus for the return trip to the park and ride lot, and then about an hour’s drive home.



Though there is a car park at the top of the hill for visitors to the White Horse, we made the visit into a hike with the dogs. We parked in the village and then hiked up a bridle path, along a roadway at the top (much of which bordered a military shooting range–the warning red flag was flying, but thankfully we heard nothing), through some fields and the car park before arriving at the overlook. The day and the views were stunning.


The walking guide we were following led us into this churchyard, out the back into forest trails, and down a road to meet up with the bridle path where we started. At the bottom of the road, we saw a sign that said the way we had come was the way to the Bratton Castle. We had seen it in the distance, but didn’t see any paths leading to it.



We took the dogs with us to Salisbury, so the first thing we did was park near green space and go for a walk through this lovely town.


Once the pups were tired and happily resting in the car, we headed back to check out the enormous and beautiful Salisbury Cathedral.


Though this building also houses one of four known copies of the Magna Carta, we only remembered that as we were driving home. Oh well.


  • Bus from Brislington park and ride into Bristol (and back): £3 each (parking at the park and ride is free).
  • Entry to Salisbury Cathedral (suggested donation): £7 each.

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  1. Wow, what a coincidence. I came to your blog from Suzannes at Globalhousesitterx2 and where should you be but only 5 miles from where we live (or I should say lived) as we are on a change of life journey too. Your pictures of Westbury White Horse are fab – we spent many happy hours up there walking our own dogs. Thanks for taking us down memory lane! Jane


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