Stans: Day trip to Zug

Zug, about half an hour from Stans, was really just an afterthought for us–a quick visit on one of our last days in the area. Zug Tourism offers an online self-guided walking tour through the old town, so we grabbed the phone and went wandering. Right from the start, we were delighted.

The first stop on the tour is the Zytturm, the clock tower. Anyone can pick up the key and let themselves in to climb to the top. If the tourism office is closed, you get the key around the corner at the Intermezzo restaurant. We found the restaurant and exchanged a driver’s license for the key. How odd it seemed to climb the narrow staircase to the door, unlock it, and let ourselves in to explore. What a fun way to access a 360° view of the city.


We decided to stay at the Intermezzo, a crepe restaurant, for lunch, and this was another treat. The restaurant provides jobs to special needs adults who, with a little supervision, provide full service to the eatery’s customers. The establishment contributes socially and does it while offering tasty food (buckwheat crepes with a variety of fillings, pastas and salads) at a reasonable price.


After lunch, we loosely followed the city’s tour, appreciating the lake-side location and the lovely (and likely lovingly) restored and maintained old city.


A creative hoop stand at the school




This is an art installation at the water’s edge
Ken inside the sculpture – the view is into the lake below the surface




Parking was relatively inexpensive (for Switzerland) at the Altstadt Casino Parkhaus at 5 CHF for 5 hours. We also really liked how the garage was designed to fit into the surroundings with a sculpture-like street level rooftop and public space.


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