Off to México

The time has come for another adventure, and México is calling. We have been house sitting (a third-time-repeat sit) in Oliver, BC, the self-proclaimed Wine Capital of Canada. After our driving tour of Utah, we were looking forward to staying put and sorting out our travel plans for the next many months.

And, other than visits with friends in the Okanagan region, walks and bike rides, that is exactly what we’ve done, all the while accompanied by two purring cats.

We haven’t even bothered with many wine tastings (which seems criminal in this area) since we have no place to store wines and won’t be around to drink them for some time. We did take advantage of our free lounge pass and sample some wines at the tasting bar while waiting for our flight.

What we have managed to do, though, is put a plan in place for our 2 1/2 months in Mexico, including booking house sits that will cover about half the time we are there (so far). Bouncing around to loads of towns is fun, but staying in one place for a while gives us a chance for a deeper dive into some places, which we really appreciate.

After Mexico, we’ll be in Vancouver for about three weeks over Christmas and New Year’s (please put us on your calendars, YVR peeps–this is the first time in several years we’ve been in town over the holiday season).

A quick belated holiday hug-gathering visit to Calgary in early January, and then we’ll be off to two new and distant destinations. More on those when we get there. Meanwhile, watch for our first Mexico post from la Ciudad de México (Mexico City).

¡Hasta nos vemos!

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