Naples and the Amalfi Coast

We've been incredibly lucky with weather since September. We had some rain in England, but not enough to keep us from getting out and seeing everything we wanted to. We had cold and snow in Switzerland in December, but no surprise there (though I did whine about the cold in one post). We had some... Continue Reading →

Canalicchio: 3 weeks in Umbria

While housesitting in Canalicchio, we took it easy, in some respects. We took car trips less frequently than we have in other areas, and I wrote no blog posts after the first impressions one in our first week. I worked quite a bit on Eastern Time covering for a vacation, which meant I didn't shut down... Continue Reading →

Canalicchio: First impressions

From Rome, we took a train to Terni in the Umbria region of Italy where we are house- and pet-sitting for about 3 weeks. We were picked up by our homeowners, Michael and Sophie, who greeted us warmly and whisked us away to Canalicchio, a tiny hilltop village smack dab in the center of the country.... Continue Reading →

Italy: Rome

We hadn't been to Italy before, and it was one of the two target countries for us on this leg of our journey. We will be house and pet sitting in Canalicchio, in the Umbria region of Italy, for about 3 weeks. Before our sit started, we planned for a few days of sightseeing in Rome.... Continue Reading →

Croatia: Dubrovnik

We had a deadline for our rental car return (we've been traveling by car since Zagreb), so couldn't meander the coast as we are normally wont to do. The first part of the 3½-hour drive from Split was inland on fast, modern and virtually empty highways (the toll for this leg was about $10 CAD),... Continue Reading →

Croatia: Split

We experienced two different versions of Split: one, on the damp afternoon of a mostly pouring rainy day; the other, on the following day filled with sunshine. One could say that Split has a split personality. On the rainy day, there were only one or two bedraggled sellers out with their wares at the green... Continue Reading →

Croatia: Zadar

Getting there For us, the journey to Zadar held as much interest and enjoyment as the city itself. The drive from Rabac on the Istrian peninsula of Croatia to Zadar was beautiful and varied. We started out in valley farmland, drove through a 5km tunnel and incredible highway infrastructure to and around the city of... Continue Reading →

Croatia: Istria

We arrived in Rabac, the Istrian village where we had booked an AirBnB, in the dark. The next morning we woke up to find ourselves in a beautiful location. It poured rain all afternoon and night but was lovely weather for the remaining 4 days we were there. I worked the first 3 afternoons--we only... Continue Reading →

Croatia: Zagreb

We are between house sits; our next one is in Italy in about 3 weeks. In the meantime, we are touring one of the two countries that were at the top of our list this year, Croatia (the other was Italy, so more on that country in a few weeks). We managed to make the... Continue Reading →

Stans: Last words

Our month in Switzerland is over and it is time to move on. We have had a wonderful time. Our house-sitting experience was fantastic. We were nestled in the mountains with 360° views. We lived in a large, spotlessly clean and uncluttered penthouse apartment with high-end appliances, enjoyed weekly house cleaning service, drove a very... Continue Reading →

Stans: A meaningful museum in Geneva

While rooting around for Switzerland rainy day ideas, we discovered the Musée International de la Croix‑Rouge et du Croissant‑Rouge (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum) in Geneva. We were at once excited and disappointed; excited because we have been proud Red Cross volunteers and wanted very much to visit, and disappointed because the museum was in Geneva,... Continue Reading →

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