Évora and the Alentejo

The interior section of the Alentejo region is often passed by, or maybe just touched on with a quick day trip or one-night visit to Évora from Lisbon. We identified several spots we wanted to see and decided on a five-night itinerary so we would have four full days to delve into the area. Our... Continue Reading →

Faro and the Eastern Algarve

Though we could have selected any number of towns as our base to explore the eastern Algarve, a local recommended Faro to us as a still-open-and-active winter location. We arrived in Faro by Flixbus from Seville, Spain, where we had been visiting with family. It was a bit of a walk with our suitcases into... Continue Reading →

Germany: Koblenz

Koblenz sits at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers at the top of the Rhine Gorge, the section of the Rhine Valley that we had wanted to visit. We stayed partway down the river for four nights, but our hotel was booked up after that, so we managed to reserve an extra three... Continue Reading →

Germany: Rhine Valley

The 65-kilometre section of the Rhine River between Koblenz and Bingen called the Upper Middle Rhine Valley or the Rhine Gorge is frequently described as the most scenic section of the Rhine River (Rhein in German). That was our target, but how best to see it? Options included a boat trip (or as part of... Continue Reading →

Mexico City: The first four days

Day 1: Arrival After a 5:30 am arrival time, we had expected to drag our luggage through the streets for several hours waiting for our apartment to be ready for check-in, but our kind AirBnB host made the apartment available to us by 6:00 am. We thought we might need to wait at the airport... Continue Reading →

Scotland: Aberdeen

We rented a car in Edinburgh, and took our time driving to Aberdeen (the quick route is less than 3 hours), taking coastal roads as much as possible.  We poked into villages, but mostly just enjoyed the scenery. Buildings switched from the red brick and stone that we'd seen so much of to light shades... Continue Reading →

Melksham: Castles, baths and more stones

This week, we continued dropping into nearby communities and sites. Farleigh Hungerford Castle We started with a visit to the medieval Farleigh Hungerford Castle, 14th century ruins in Somerset, which borders Wiltshire, where we are staying. Avebury Avebury henge and stone circle and Stonehenge (see Melksham: Sticks and stones), together, form a World Heritage Site. Originally... Continue Reading →

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