Kuala Lumpur: Wanderings

Kuala Lumpur (often shortened to KL) was full of surprises for us. First, its size. We hadn't been in a big city for a while and hadn't really researched this one before we arrived. So our first view had us jaws agape as we ogled the skyscrapers that populate the city. Second, the view from... Continue Reading →

Penang: George Town Wanderings

We spent a month in Penang and had many opportunities to bus or Grab into town and wander (our home was in Miami Green, about 10km from the center of George Town). This post provides a little taste of our month of exploration. For specific activities that I thought warranted their own post, see the... Continue Reading →

Penang: Road Trip

Penang is a small island. Though most of the population and activity is in George Town, in the northeast corner, extending south and west from there, we thought it might be a fun day trip to rent a car and circumnavigate the island. Our new friends, Karen and Rick, thought so, too, so we set... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai: Street food tour

Having been in Chiang Mai only a few days, we have just scratched the culinary surface. The food here has an amazing reputation. Unlike when we were in Vietnam, where everyone warned us against eating the enticing street food, here visitors are encouraged to eat what is on offer. Since we can speak no Thai,... Continue Reading →

On to Scotland

We are hurtling along northbound train tracks at 100mph, heading for Edinburgh, Scotland. We are on a Virgin Train, sitting in first class (see TripBits, below for details) enjoying comfortable, reserved seats, a large table with power, wifi, and food service, (snacks, hot and cold drinks, breakfast or lunch). We chose lunch, but were still... Continue Reading →

Léon: A night and a day

We took a short two-night side trip to Léon, Nicaragua, this week. We were just going to go for one night since I had 2 days free of work, but I squeezed in another night by leaving work a little early on Monday. Ken was already in Managua at the dentist (subject of a future... Continue Reading →

Granada: Our first week

We are now in Granada, Nicaragua, staying a few kilometres out of town in an open-air casita. Besides our casita, on the property are a tiny studio suite, the main house where our host family of five live, and a pool for all to share. We are surrounded by vegetation including coconut palms and giant royal... Continue Reading →

Pedasí: 12 days (including Christmas)

Images in this post are mostly random (some just phone shots) and do not necessarily illustrate specific text. On the first day in Pedasí: Arrival Getting to Pedasí from Panama City by bus is fairly straightforward. We took an Uber to the Albrook bus terminal ($4.68), caught the next bus to Las Tablas ($9.70 each... Continue Reading →

San Alejo: Foraging for food

At first, finding food can seem a bit challenging in San Alejo. The nearest SuperMaxi (large grocery chain) is a 45-minute bus ride away, there are no mercados in town, and the small tiendas that are here are often not open. Despite the challenges, we have managed quite nicely here--mostly cooking for ourselves, eating out here... Continue Reading →

Quito: Market day

After a 2-hour conversation in Spanish about our past travels (my tutor's questions) and all things Quito (my questions), I was ready to tackle the market. Mercedes, mi profesora, assured me that eating almuerzo (lunch) in the market was quite safe health-wise as the market was controlled by the municipality. As well, you can see your... Continue Reading →

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