Artie: Hibernation

From Palm Springs, we headed toward the west coast of California. Our main goal was Highway 1 between Santa Barbara and Monterey, a route we had tried to drive many years ago when the road was closed due to flooding. After that, we were going to ease on up the Oregon Coast, taking several days... Continue Reading →

Palm Springs

I never thought I'd visit Palm Springs. I imagined it to be too hot and, well, too cliché. And the campground offered by our Thousand Trails camping membership we knew to be a large-rig parking lot—an environment in which we struggle to be comfortable. But then long-lost friends* who were planning to spend the month... Continue Reading →

Artie: Working out the kinks

We weren't quite ready for long-term four- or six-wheeled travel, but medical appointments impacted our schedule and we found ourselves with a free 6-week period—too short to fly somewhere and roam, but a perfect length of time to take Artie on his first road trip. We thought it would be a good opportunity to make... Continue Reading →

Meet Artie

Artie has joined our family part-time (we share custody). As we designed our Life: Phase Next, we planned part of it as land-based (vs. flying hither and yon) so we could spend time re-exploring our beautiful country (Canada) and meandering through many parts of the US that we had yet to experience. We knew we... Continue Reading →

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