Chiang Rai: We should have done our research


This post is different because it talks about something that we didn’t enjoy very much, which is unusual for us. We signed up for a tour to Chiang Rai because it was on our ideas list for our time in Chiang Mai (likely because I had seen it recommended somewhere). We signed up for this particular tour based on recommendations about the tour company on what has been an immensely helpful facebook group (Thailand Advice & Travel Tips).

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Stans: A Walk in Luzern (Lucerne)

We drove to Luzern, about 20 minutes away, and parked under the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (the Culture and Congress Hall, also known as the KKL). Up the escalators and outside we easily found the large archway that was our meeting place for our Free Walking Tour. Our guide was a future secondary school teacher, and hardy. As we waited for the tour to begin, in a breezy 4°C in the shade, my hands freezing inside my newly purchased ski mittens, her bare hands and ankles made me shiver all the more.

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Dublin: Day Trip to Belfast

It hadn’t occurred to us that we could visit Northern Ireland while we were in Dublin. Without evaluating our options, and with heads filled with outdated media soundbites of violence and strife,  I think we had unconsciously assumed that Ireland (south of the border), was the only part of the island that was legitimately open for us to visit. We are so thankful that our house sit hosts in Waterford set us straight and recommended a day trip to Belfast. Continue reading “Dublin: Day Trip to Belfast”

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