When one door closes …

I really wasn’t looking for work yet. I was just getting used to the idea that we were going to start our Phase Next a little earlier than planned, and that now I had time to start working on preparations.

But a month after being cut from the job that I was expecting to transition into part-time next September to help to support our new life, I have signed on as a consultant with a previous supplier, with lots of pluses:

  • They asked to propose what I could offer them in time, and what time periods I would want off. I included a plan to switch back into part-time by September. They accepted it all.
  • I have worked a lot with many of the company’s employees and have enjoyed my interactions with every one of them.
  • They are in another country, thousands of kilometers away. This will only ever be a work-from-home (wherever home is) situation.
  • It probably won’t be full time for a while, if ever, which leaves me lots of time to keep working on Phase Next.

I sure wasn’t expecting to walk through this door so soon, but out of my way—I’m going through!


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