Big decision made

We have been struggling with the following, interrelated questions:

  • Do we spend only six months of the year away from Canada, our home country, in order to keep our medical coverage active?
  • If we come back to Canada for six months, which province do we come back to? We have siblings, parents and friends in one, and immediate family including a grandchild in another. Can we really stay in one province for an entire six months?
  • When we are not travelling, what do we live in? Do we keep our condo or do we sell?
  • If we keep our condo, do we try to rent it out furnished for six months?
  • If we sell, do we keep our furnishings and other belongings so we can move int a rental property when we return?

… and on, and on. We haven’t been able to rationalize our way out of this quagmire.

Last week, we approached it from a different perspective: If we don’t make decisions based on retaining medical insurance, what would we do?

The answer came to us pretty quickly: Pull up stakes. Rip out the roots. Sell or dispose of everything. We prefer to be rootless and the condo is hindering our freedom. So is making decisions on where to live based on arbitrary timelines created by government.

We’re still trying this decision on, parading it in front of the mirror to see if we still like the fit. So far, it’s a good look for both of us.

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