Homeless …

We have handed over the keys and are now "of no fixed address." We aren't truly homeless in that we still own a condo (see A slight detour) that we could potentially return to, but we have no plans to do so. Over the last few months we have freed ourselves from almost all of our possessions using... Continue Reading →

A slight detour

Even before our journey begins, we have encountered a roadblock. Sadly, our plan to sell our condo failed, which wasn't a complete surprise in the current Calgary housing market. I am happy to report that we executed a successful detour and are back on what we hope will be mostly paved roads as we close in on our... Continue Reading →

Cookbooks: check!

Following up on the plans I wrote about in my last post, And now the real work begins, we have taken the first carload to Good Will, and sold the first few items on kijijii. The most time-consuming project, though, was eliminating all of our printed recipes and cookbooks. I had discarded lesser-used cookbooks and past issues... Continue Reading →

And now the real work begins

January. 2016. The beginning of another year of major change. About two months ago, we made the big decision to eliminate most of our home-related possessions—including our home—to eliminate the cost and effort of maintaining two places while we meander about the world. We decided not to take any action until after our vacation and the holidays, but now here we are... Continue Reading →

Big decision made

We have been struggling with the following, interrelated questions: Do we spend only six months of the year away from Canada, our home country, in order to keep our medical coverage active? If we come back to Canada for six months, which province do we come back to? We have siblings, parents and friends in... Continue Reading →

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