And now the real work begins

January. 2016. The beginning of another year of major change.

About two months ago, we made the big decision to eliminate most of our home-related possessions—including our home—to eliminate the cost and effort of maintaining two places while we meander about the world. We decided not to take any action until after our vacation and the holidays, but now here we are in January, and the work has definitely begun.

So far, I’ve:

  • photographed major household items and created a catalog that has been handed to family members to mark anything that they are interested in adopting
  • set up a few large bags in our bedroom—giveaway clothes, review by others and then giveaway, garbage/recycle—so that we can drop any items as inspiration strikes (which is starting to happen!)
  • removed family photos from frames and scanned them into a new collection of photos called Scanned Memories; frames are now in the giveaway bag
  • researched minimalism ( and related movements for inspiration; in particular, I’m expecting to hit a wall with some items, so I’m looking for and finding ways to think differently

Next up:

  • Assign a disposal plan to everything that wasn’t adopted, and start the process. Since many of these items will be sold, I’ll prioritize and schedule disposal plans (e.g., selling) to eliminate our least-used items first. Since we’ve downsized multiple times in the last 10 or so years, including unintentionally when a regional flood eliminated most of our stored items, there’s little we own that is truly unused, but I have to start eliminating somewhere.
  • Learn more about capsule wardrobes, in particular in relation to packing/travel. Packing for any trip is a challenge for me (i.e., stressful, depressing) so I’m looking forward to trying new approaches.
  • Start a very carefully curated (phrase stolen from The Minimalists) list of what we are going to keep and how we are going to keep it.

Enough procrastinating-by-writing … it’s time to go sell some stuff!




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