West Coast: The first time, again

What a summer we have had, and continue to have. We are still living nomadically, even though we are meandering in places that are somewhat familiar to us. In many cases, we're staying in communities or areas longer than we have before, which gives us the opportunity to explore them in new ways. Adventures we've... Continue Reading →

House sit: Calgary (Flannel)

We left Calgary last August after an 8-year stay. We frequently met up with comments like "you're back" as we met up with friends and attended appointments here, but as far as we are concerned, being in Calgary is just part of our nomadic life. For the first few weeks we were in town, we... Continue Reading →

Shelter Showdown

We're house- and cat-sitting in Calgary for a few weeks, next we'll be doing the same in Vancouver for a month, followed by a sit in August in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. And we're booking more house- and pet-sitting gigs for the next leg of our journey, across the pond. With the exception... Continue Reading →

Quito: Our last words

As we pack up from our first month of Life: Phase Next, a month spent in a condo in Quito, Ecuador, we look back fondly--or, in some cases, not so fondly--on some aspects of this city. Geography Quito is a long, narrow city in a valley. We could walk a fair distance on relatively flat ground, but... Continue Reading →

Homeless …

We have handed over the keys and are now "of no fixed address." We aren't truly homeless in that we still own a condo (see A slight detour) that we could potentially return to, but we have no plans to do so. Over the last few months we have freed ourselves from almost all of our possessions using... Continue Reading →

A slight detour

Even before our journey begins, we have encountered a roadblock. Sadly, our plan to sell our condo failed, which wasn't a complete surprise in the current Calgary housing market. I am happy to report that we executed a successful detour and are back on what we hope will be mostly paved roads as we close in on our... Continue Reading →

Home is where …

We reached a couple of home-themed milestones last week--both positive, but each with quite different emotional impact. First, our condo—the only property we still own—is now on the market. Though a significant checkpoint, it is  a bit anticlimactic since the housing market here is very sluggish, and signing the listing papers might be the most action our... Continue Reading →

Big decision made

We have been struggling with the following, interrelated questions: Do we spend only six months of the year away from Canada, our home country, in order to keep our medical coverage active? If we come back to Canada for six months, which province do we come back to? We have siblings, parents and friends in... Continue Reading →

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