Stans: Up, up, up on Titlis mountain

This country, or at least the part that we have seen so far, is webbed with gondolas. With so many mountains around us in the Alps, taking a ride up one peak opens up a world of mountain tops. Depending on the weather, mountain tops might be all you see, with bands of clouds, like cotton batting, concealing the valleys below.

On a reasonably clear day when forecasted temperatures were in the negative single digits Celsius, we drove to Engelberg, about 30 minutes away from our current home, parked at the base of the mountain (5 CHF) and purchased our tickets for the ride to the top of Titlis.

Part of the trip up is on a normal (to us) enclosed gondola.


The final section is on the Rotair, a round gondola that rotates 360 degrees during the trip.


Not surprisingly, from 10,000 feet up, the views are stunning.


A cliff walk (a mesh bridge) adds another perspective.


We were hoping to have enough time to take advantage of another inclusion in our ticket–a short funicular ride from the base, where we could rent a sled and soar back down–but we spent too much time at the top and it was closed for the day.


The Rotair as seen from inside one of the warm restaurants at the top





Tickets to get to the top of Titlis: 92 CHF or 46 CHF with Swiss Half-Fare card (which we had). The ticket includes access to the cliff walk, ice cave, and funicular at the base. Be sure to leave enough time to enjoy everything!


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