Flight Hacking

Like most computer-savy, cost-conscious travelers in our demographic we typically hit our favorite online travel sites (Expedia, Red Tag, Google Flights, etc.) or airline sites for travel deals and to make our own travel arrangements. I have learned about a better way--what others refer to as flight hacking--for finding deals and booking flights. Using some... Continue Reading →

Quito: Market day

After a 2-hour conversation in Spanish about our past travels (my tutor's questions) and all things Quito (my questions), I was ready to tackle the market. Mercedes, mi profesora, assured me that eating almuerzo (lunch) in the market was quite safe health-wise as the market was controlled by the municipality. As well, you can see your... Continue Reading →

Quito: School days, school days

Ken is off to Spanish school this morning. He looks so cute in his new school clothes with his notebook and pencil tucked under his arm. He will be attending Cristobal Colon Spanish School, which is just a 15-minute walk from our apartment, for the next two weeks, four hours a day, from 9:00am to... Continue Reading →

Quito: Vignettes from the first few days

The primary goal of our posts is to update family and friends on our whereabouts. However, we have gained so much knowledge reading fellow nomad and long-term traveller blogs that we will include a few details that might seem inconsequential to some readers, but which we hope will provide practical information to those on a similar path. To receive notifications... Continue Reading →

So you’re moving to Ecuador?

My Committed! post provided only our starting point (Quito, Ecuador) and no further travel details. Not surprisingly, many have assumed that we are moving to Ecuador, which is not the case. Our plan, and I use that word loosely, is to be nomadic, in other words, to stay somewhere until we decide it's time to move on (within the constraints of tourist visas,... Continue Reading →


No longer is Life Phase Next just a dream. This week I clicked the button that committed us to our first target location—Quito, Ecuador, arriving on September 6, 2016. We had been hoping to use some British Airways Avios points that had been building up since our big trip to Africa a few years back, but thought... Continue Reading →

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